The President of the Federal Telegraph Company (Schwerin) to the Secretary of State

Sir: I beg to acknowledge your confidential letter of February 27th, FE–893.74/222,16 and have to advise that I am leaving for New York City on Friday, March 10th.

In regard to the desire of the Minister of Communications that we should proceed at once with the building of the Shanghai station, we feel we should not go ahead with this enterprise until we have totally financed the situation. You will please understand that if we are able to make our contract to cover all the primary apparatus and motor power, which the Federal does not build, at one time, it would be to great advantage to our construction account.

As soon as possible after my arrival in New York I will personally call on you in Washington and will then fully advise you as to what arrangements the Federal has been able to consummate regarding the building of these Chinese stations.

Very respectfully,

R. P. Schwerin
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