493.11/829: Telegram

The Minister in China (Schurman) to the Secretary of State

280. In note dated June 19th Minister for Foreign Affairs declares that it will be very difficult to resume payments Boxer indemnity77 and “there appears to be no alternative but to again request an extension of two years”. Says, [Page 810]

“When financial conditions are somewhat easier an arrangement can then be arrived at by consultation.

We believe that the American Government, which entertains the most friendly feelings and has always been very sincere toward China, seeing the stringent state of China’s finances, will believe in us and pardon us for our action.

I have the honor to send you this note and to request that you will be so good as to communicate with your Government requesting its approval thereto.

I have the honor to ask that I be favored with a reply.”

  1. For five-year postponement of Boxer indemnity payments, see Foreign Relations, 1917, supp. 2, vol. i, pp. 685 ff.