The Italian Embassy to the Department of State

The contents of the Department’s memorandum of May 4th94 in regard to China’s naval development have been cabled to the Italian Government requesting an expression of their views on the matter.

In reply, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has just informed the Italian Embassy that the Government of Italy shares the views expressed by the United States Government as to the propriety of not undertaking at present, either directly or indirectly, the naval development or technical assistance requested by the Chinese Government, until such time as normal conditions and a unified Government are restored in China.

He adds that, owing to the present serious situation, and in compliance with the unanimous protests of the Allies, the Royal Government of Italy suspended the fulfilment of a contract made by an Italian firm for the delivery of arms in China, and that this the Government did in spite of the consequent heavy loss it had to sustain.

The Italian Government believes that, for the same reasons of opportunity, it would be advisable on the part of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation of New York to postpone the carrying out of the agreement entered into on October 21, 1911.

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