The Assistant Secretary of the Navy ( Roosevelt ) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I am enclosing you a dispatch which has just been received from our Naval Attaché in Pekin. From all reports he is a thoroughly reliable and trustworthy man.

Believe me [etc.]

Theodore Roosevelt

The Naval Attaché at Peking ( Hutchins ) to the Secretary of the Navy ( Denby )

1613. Reference my 1616–1400 October and my 1607–1500 November my 1610–1100 February. Very Urgent. I have just been reliably informed that in consequence of apathetic attitude of United States Government and of Bethlehem steel corporation the Chinese authorities are discussing among themselves at present time advisability of giving task of Naval reorganization and building program to another Government and its nationals. Please advise attitude I should take. Having in mind Naval situation in Pacific. Present and probable future. Such procedure on China’s part would be in my opinion most serious loss to United States and we should try to prevent it by every possible effort. 1530.

Charles T. Hutchins