893.00/4284: Telegram

The Minister in China (Schurman) to the Secretary of State

135. Political deadlock unchanged, Liang’s leave extended 20 days more. Barton, Chinese secretary, British Legation, visited Wu Pei-fu recently. Reports Wu in retirement engrossed in routine training [Page 691] his pet division of about 10,000 men who appeared excellently prepared and able dispose of double their number of ordinary forces. Wu not contemplating any aggressive, unprovoked move against Chang or Sun. He would, however, resist any effort by Sun to occupy Hankow as that would too greatly embarrass Wu’s position. Wu’s political ideas simple, honest, unsophisticated. He thinks if honest Ministers of Finance and Communications are put in office the rest relatively unimportant. He asks really but to be left undisturbed.

At press dinner given by Chang recently Chang expressed rather threatening language vis-à-vis Wu but it is believed that nothing will eventuate in the near future. W. W. Yen firmly predicts no fighting.