893.00/4241: Telegram

The Minister in China (Schurman) to the Secretary of State

77. Yen20 in an interview first stated Cabinet crisis still without solution in sight; Liang had been granted extension leave to March 10th, a total of 47 days. President still considered it unnecessary to renew these extensions as indefinite leave originally granted but Liang insisted. Yen confirmed reports of presence of C. C. Wu at Mukden, also the appearance van of Sun Yat-sen’s forces near Changsha but claimed these to be part of recruiting parties. Stated Wu Pei-fu had reported himself prepared to withstand Sun’s attacks; were probably delayed on account of reported sickness Sun. Yen estimated Sun’s attacking army at about 10,000 men. Yen declared Peking Government not desirous of attacking anyone but would defend itself against aggressive acts. Claimed Liang reliably reported from other sources as absolutely refusing to resign; he must therefore feel assured of support of Chang Tso-lin.

It is presumed that Government’s appeal to various provinces for military aid against Sun refused by all but Military Governor, Kiangsu [Kiangsi?]. Latter’s position is endangered by threatened incursion into Kiangsi.

  1. W. W. Yen, Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs.