The Acting Secretary of State to the Brazilian Ambassador (Alencar)

My Dear Mr. Ambassador: I greatly regret that your courteous communication of February 13, last, extending on behalf of your [Page 659] Government an invitation to the Government of the United States to participate in the centennial celebration of Brazil in September next, at Rio de Janeiro, has remained unacknowledged until now, due to the fact that it was at first thought in the Department that the matter might be determined by the acceptance of the invitation without Congressional action. This, I further regret to say, is not now found feasible. Therefore, while I am not at this time able to give you a formal acceptance of the invitation, I think I shall be in the position to do so in a short time, the bill providing for this Government’s representation having passed the Senate on the 6th instant, and now awaiting only the regular procedure in the House of Representatives.15 In the meantime please be so good as to inform your Government of our high appreciation of their courtesy in extending the invitation, and that the invitation is having the attention of both the Executive and Legislative branches of the Government.

I am [etc.]

Henry P. Fletcher
  1. The joint resolution authorizing the President to appoint a special mission of friendship, good will, and congratulation was approved June 15, 1922 (42 Stat. 651).↩