The Brazilian Ambassador (Alencar) to the Secretary of State


The Ambassador of Brazil presents his compliments to His Excellency, the Secretary of State of the United States of America, and with reference to a conversation he had with His Excellency has the honor to forward to him an Aide Mémoire setting forth the bases of a Naval Mission to the Brazilian Navy whose services the President of the Republic under the authority of the National Congress wishes to engage in the United States of America, from whose Navy he already has a commission of officers who as instructors at the Naval College have achieved most valuable results.


The Brazilian Embassy to the Department of State

Aide Mémoire

The President of the Republic of the United States of Brazil, under the authority given by the National Congress has decided to engage for four years the services of a Naval Mission from the United States of America for the Brazilian Navy.

The Government of Brazil wishes that mission to be headed by a high officer who will serve on the General Staff of the Brazilian fleet as technical assistant and will superintend all the services entrusted to the Mission. The officers of the Mission must hold the rank of Captain or Commander, and number nine, viz.: two for the Navy Yard, one on technical the other on administrative duty; one for the Naval Depot or “Almoxarifado”; one for the Armament division; one for the target practice division; one for the division of inspection and supervision of property; one for the engines of the ships of the fleet, and one for the aviation service.

The Brazilian Government is greatly interested in having the Mission begin its labors at the earliest possible date and as the high officer who is to head it is to go to Rio de Janeiro to arrange with the Federal Government the bases of the contract, it very much desires that and will be very thankful if the Government of the United States will kindly designate that officer as soon as possible.