875.01/205: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Grew) to the Secretary of State

31. Department’s unnumbered telegram of May 18, 5 p.m., via Paris6 received this evening. I am reliably informed as follows:

Neither Albanian independence nor equality of opportunity for United States and its nationals will suffer through action of League of Nations. Albania grateful to League for previous help has asked it to appoint economic, financial and judicial advisers who shall be disinterested impartial experts in the employ of the Albanian Government, with a view to putting Government on its feet and promoting the development of the country by foreign capital. Balfour proposed this in Council. Italy protested on the ground that Albania was Italy’s special interest. Italy overruled and experts will be appointed. Financial adviser to be chosen first on recommendation of Financial Commission of League. These advisers will not allow preferential treatment in Albania as such policy would be destructive to League. No idea of domination but rather a close working agreement to make independence effective based on Albania’s complete confidence in disinterestedness of League. American opportunity should profit rather than suffer through this new arrangement.

I hope to obtain text of discussions early next week and shall cable more fully if Department desires further clarification and so informs me. Otherwise by mail.

  1. See supra.