875.01/158: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Child ) to the Secretary of State


259. The members of the Albanian delegation before they left Italy stated at an informal meeting not held at the Embassy that recognition had been accorded by the delimitation of Albania by the Council of Ambassadors, but they were not clear as to present recognition of the de jure Government by France, Great Britain and Italy. They request that after any recognition given by other powers, the United States accord whatever prompt recognition of any kind it can. They represent that Albania is ready for the concession of valuable oil rights, and that the most matured proposal, which has not yet been confirmed by the Albanian Council, or Parliament, is that for a concession to the British D’Arcy group. Albanian policy, they say, must take into consideration the international political values accruing through the nationality to which the concessions are granted, but they admit that the steady development of the oil fields and of Albania itself would be a more decisive consideration. Italy, they asserted, has politically the most advantage in Albania. I am informed that an Albanian named Daragjati is presenting the Italian plan. The facts in regard to the oil findings are still obscure even as represented by the delegates themselves, and information which has been obtained from travelers remains unsupported.