511.3 B 1/100: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Grew) to the Secretary of State

83. Legation’s 74, September 3, noon. Assembly of League of Nations on September 27th passed the following resolutions submitted by the Committee on Reduction of Armaments:

  • “(a). The Assembly considers it highly desirable that the Government of the United States should express the objections which it has to formulate to the provisions of the Convention of Saint Germain as well as any proposals which it may care to make as to the way in which these objections can be overcome.
  • (b). The Assembly is of the opinion that the temporary mixed commission should be instructed to prepare a scheme for the control of the international traffic in arms to be considered by the conference which is to deal with the private manufacture of arms.
  • (c). The Assembly requests the Council to take such steps as it thinks advisable to carry out the purposes above indicated.”