813.00 Tacoma/–: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Salvador (Schuyler)

39. It was recently suggested by Nicaraguan Government that conference be held between Presidents of Nicaragua and Honduras aboard American battleship to discuss border and inter-revolutionary difficulties. Department has secured consent of both Presidents to inclusion of President Melendez in conference.42 You will accordingly invite President Melendez to take part in the conference to be held, if possible, during the coming week aboard the Tacoma in Fonseca Bay. You and the Ministers in Honduras and Nicaragua will also be present. Present plans are for Tacoma to proceed to Corinto take aboard President Chamorro and proceed to some point between Amapala and La Union readily accessible to both ports. Arrangements being made by Legation Managua. You should inform it as well as Department of President’s acceptance. The Department expects Salvadorean Government will maintain quiet and order until the conference takes place.

  1. Telegrams not printed.