813.00 Tacoma/–: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Nicaragua (Ramer)

27. Your 39, July 25, 5 p.m.

The Department feels that border and interrevolutionary difficulties could have been prevented by a compliance with the terms of the 1907 Treaties,38 and Article 1 of the Agreement signed at Amapala on November 17, 1920, by the Presidents of Nicaragua and Honduras.39 However, should both Presidents feel that practical and enduring results may be achieved by reason of a further direct conversation between them, this Government will gladly place a war vessel at their disposal as a neutral meeting ground, and will also be glad to have the American Ministers to Nicaragua and Honduras present as observers, and to offer their good offices, if requested, with a view to tranquillizing the situation in Central America,

The Department is communicating the contents of your telegram to the Legation at Honduras40 for information as to the views of that Government, and will instruct you further when the attitude of the Honduranean authorities is known. Keep Department and Legation at Honduras fully informed of any further developments.

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