861.00/4757: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

2445. For the Secretary of State and McCormick: Following from Omsk June 24, 2 p.m.

“Omsk Foreign Office makes following request of English, French and American Governments:

It is all important that Petrograd should be captured. The material and moral effect would be great blow to Bolsheviki. Bolsheviki have decided to greatly reinforce Petrograd by soldiers from other fronts. Kolchak has personally addressed telegram to Mannerheim to obtain decision of Finnish Government to attack Petrograd before Bolshevik reinforcement arrive and to aid the offensive of Russian-Esthonian troops. The Omsk Government hopes that all objection which the Powers may have formed against a Finnish advance will be set aside and that the Allied Governments will depart from their old viewpoint which apparently revealed their passive and neutral attitude on the questions of the Finns taking Petrograd.

Kolchak desires to be known that the active assistance of Finland and its eventual advances into this or any other part of Russian territory could not in the future be considered as a claim to any political aspirations. Omsk Government believes all outstanding questions between Finland and Russia may be peacefully settled with the assistance of League of Nations. Kolchak would like to see municipal administration established in Petrograd under General Udenitch.

Kolchak asks American Government to use its good offices with Finnish Government to the end that Petrograd shall be relieved.”

I would be grateful if you will advise me at an early date, First what action decided upon as to approaching Finnish Government, Second what attitude taken regarding capture of Petrograd, Third what measures if any will be taken by Allies and especially the United States to render tangible support to Esthonians or Finns or both in this movement. I think it important that we should answer [Page 682] Kolchak promptly. Please let me know whether answer will be sent through Russian Conference at Paris or through Department.