Paris Peace Conference 184.01502/19: Telegram

The Commission to Negotiate Peace to the Chief of the Mission to the Baltic Provinces (Greene) at Libau

Jam 67. Reference your 350 [29] to Am[erican] mission13 reporting conditions northern Esthonia. Your recommendations adopted and steamer Dancey loaded with 2,000 tons foodstuffs, which we advanced on credit as substantial evidence our great sympathy Esthonian people, will arrive Reval Monday 12th. Please see that this information properly disseminated. Colonel John Groome leaving Rotterdam Tuesday via boat for Libau with a relief mission and will have charge our work in Esthonia, Lettland and Lithuania, reporting direct to me. He will be followed by two relief ships. Request you advise him as to best means handling relief situation this territory and particularly method you suggest for handling starving people reported on island near Riga. Hoover.

Am[erican] Mission
  1. Transmitted in telegram from the Chargé in Denmark, no. 350, May 2, p. 675.