861.00/4086½: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France ( Sharp )

7765. Repeat to Mission and to London. Vice Consul Imbrie at Viborg telegraphs March 1410 that General Tesloff, commander of the Finnish forces on the Russian frontier and personally representing General Mannerheim, assures him that he and General Mannerheim are both of the opinion that it will be necessary to take Petrograd in order to save Finland from the Bolsheviki. General Tesloff believes the problem is not serious from a military standpoint but says the continued occupation of the city will depend wholly on obtaining food supplies. General Tesloff also informed Vice Consul Imbrie that Finland would expect the Murman Peninsula as a reward for taking Petrograd. Vice Consul Imbrie states that in his relations with General Tesloff he will exercise extreme caution not to arouse false hopes or in any way to commit this Government.

  1. Not printed.