Paris Peace Conf. 867N.00/91: Telegram

Mr. C. R. Crane and Mr. H. C. King to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

For President Wilson. Probably at no time has race feeling been so sensitive as just now. People in large bodies especially armed forces should move as little as possible and even then only with great care and on advice from competent officials in area affected. Careless descent of Greeks on Smyrna has produced distress reacting all over this coast where there was deep belief in our own declaration as well as in those of British Government and French Government made November 97 on right of people to self-determination. Here older population both Moslem and Christian take united and most hostile attitude towards any extent of Jewish immigration or towards any effort to establish Jewish sovereignty over them. We doubt if any British Government or American official here believes that it is possible to carry out Zionist program except through support of large army.

  • King
  • Crane
  1. Anglo-French declaration quoted in “Instructions for Commissioners”, p. 745.