Prefatory Note

The papers published in this volume relate to field missions sent by the American Commission to Negotiate Peace to report on conditions in various countries. In general the records of American participation in interallied missions are not printed here. The records of the American sections of two interallied missions, the Interallied Military Mission to Hungary and the International Commission on Mandates in Turkey, are published in this volume. General H. H. Bandholtz was sent to Hungary as the American member of the Interallied Military Mission. However, as his reports sent directly to the American Commission to Negotiate Peace are so voluminous and so informative regarding conditions in Hungary over a period of several months, these reports are included here with those of the distinctly American observation missions. H. C. King and Charles R. Crane were technically the American representatives on the International Commission on Mandates in Turkey, but only the American section was duly constituted and sent to the Near East. It became, therefore, in fact purely an American mission.

Omitted from this volume are documents concerning American field missions the reports of which have already been published in other volumes of Foreign Relations. The reports of the first Dresel Mission to Germany are printed in volume II of this series, pages 130 ff., and those of the Coolidge Mission up to January 16, 1919, are printed ibid., pages 218 ff. For information regarding the mission of William C. Bullitt to Russia, see Foreign Relations, 1919, Russia, pages 74 ff., and for the reports of American observers in South Russia, see ibid., pages 750 ff. For papers relating to the mission headed by Henry Morgen-thau to report on relations between Jews and non-Jews in Poland, see Foreign Relations, 1919, volume II, pages 772 ff. For papers regarding the American Military Mission to Armenia headed by General James G. Harbord, see ibid., pages 824 ff.