Paris Peace Conf. 184.018/3

The Secretary of State to Mr. A. J. Balfour

My Dear Mr. Balfour: With reference to your letter of March 28, 1919, to Mr. House, and the latter’s acknowledgment of April 3rd, concerning the mission of Count Salis and Lieutenant-Colonel Sherman Miles in Montenegro, I beg to quote herewith, for your information, a telegram which I am sending to the Embassy at Rome, for the information of Colonel Miles:

“The British Embassy at Washington has informed the Department of State as follows, regarding alleged massacres of Albanians in Montenegro: ‘Gusinje, Plava, Ipek, Djakova, Podjour and Rosjhi, have all been scenes of terrorism and murder by Serbian troops and Serbian agents whose policy appears to be the extermination of the Albanian inhabitants of the region.’ It is desired that you consult with Count Salis and make an investigation of these reports.”

Very sincerely yours,

Robert Lansing