File No. 763.72114/3714

The Secretary of War ( Baker) to the Secretary of State

Sir: Referring to recent correspondence between the State Department and the War Department with reference to bringing to this [Page 57] country the German prisoners of war captured by our troops, the following cablegram has been received from General Pershing:

In view of the fact that labor situation here has necessitated our asking French and British for use of their prisoners of war, the wisdom of our sending prisoners home will probably be questioned by French unless good reasons for our action can be advanced. Request that subject be considered from that standpoint. The same objection does not hold with reference to officer prisoners of war who could be sent to America for internment. Arrangements now completed with British and French for transfer to us of all prisoners of war captured by our forces.

I would be very glad to have the views of the State Department upon this subject from point of view suggested by General Pershing.

Very truly yours,

Newton D. Baker