File No. 811.2222/5503

The Ambassador in Italy ( Page) to the Secretary of State


1462. Department’s 1089. Following this morning from Minister Foreign Affairs:

I have taken notice of consent of United States Government to restoration in text of agreement on military service of word “citizen” in place of Italian “subject.” Italian Government agrees willingly, moreover, that this agreement shall not apply to American citizens who at date of its stipulation reside in Italian colonies. I can also assure you that Italians in armed forces of the United States will not be considered and dealt with by the Royal Italian authorities as deserters.

The Italian Government does not insist, in view of considerations set forth, on the age limits which it has proposed as corresponding to the mobilized classes of the Kingdom for the obligation of military service of Italians in United States, but hopes the American Government will place no obstacle in way of voluntary enlistment of those compatriots, who although not comprised in agreed limits have nevertheless military obligations in Italy, as has already been explicitly conceded in our agreement with British Government.

The projected proposals announced to me concerning readmission into United States of Italians who leave it with American armed forces will apply without doubt in same way to other citizens of the Kingdom included in the agreement who return to their country to serve in National Army, and what is more, the Italian Government is confident the above-mentioned proposals extend very justly to those also who, performing their duties as good citizens, become repatriated previous to this agreement by responding to call to arms of their own classes.

As stated in my note of February 22 the Italian Government is moreover confident that that equality of treatment that was expressly agreed upon in our agreement with England will be accorded in every way to our countrymen who have become enrolled in the American Army.

According to desire expressed to me necessary instructions are being sent Count di Cellere (previous [after] declarations conforming to those which I have had the honor to address to you) in order that he may proceed without delay to signing of agreement, possibly in two texts, Italian and English.

Nelson Page