File No. 811.142/2222

The Minister in Denmark ( Egan ) to the Secretary of State


Your 395, July 3, 3 p.m.1 Have thoroughly investigated the Copenhagen branch of the Russian Red Cross and also the Committee of the Municipality of Moscow which is in charge of this branch. Legation has been furnished with a full report giving statistics regarding amount of work done by this Committee, number of prisoners and quantities of supplies which have been sent. This will be mailed to Department. In the first six months of 1917 the Committee has forwarded 7,000 parcels by train and 12,000 by mail to the prisoners as well as a large amount of money. The mail forwarded to the prisoners during the same period amounted to 1,200,000 letters. This Committee is in touch with local committees composed entirely of Russians who distribute the supplies in 149 camps in Germany and 36 camps in Austria.

It appears to this Legation that this organization is thoroughly competent and capable of handling large quantities of supplies for Russian prisoners and that the supplies are wisely controlled. The means taken to have supplies reach the prisoners are as perfect as possible.

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In addition to the above organization there is also a Russian section of the Danish Red Cross which is able under Danish regulations to send not more than 1,000 packages monthly to Russian prisoners in Germany.

  1. Quoted in telegram of July 3 to the Ambassador in Russia, supra.