File No. 763.72114/3053a

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Spain ( Wilson)


753. Department’s 524, June 12, 5 p.m. Since no answer received from German Government to proposition contained in above telegram, request Spanish Embassy, Berlin, bring following by telegraph to attention German Foreign Office:

Provided German Government will pay to officers of United States forces held prisoners of war by Germany the maximum rate that the German Government pays its own officers of corresponding rank, the Government of the United States will pay to officers of German military or naval forces now or hereafter prisoners of war of the United States forces an equivalent sum. The Government of the United States therefore requests that the German Government furnish it immediately with a statement of the maximum rates that it now pays its officers of all ranks. If the German Government is not disposed to accept this proposal or in any way to make reply thereto before December 15, the Government of the United States will feel itself obliged to discontinue payments now being made to German officers prisoners in the United States until an absolute assurance of reciprocity, in accordance with the above terms, is received.

In case of such assurance the money thus paid out will be entered as a charge against the German Government which must agree to refund such payments on a mutual adjustment of accounts at end of war.