File No. 811.142/2484b

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Switzerland ( Wilson)


1016. Your October 8. Red Cross ready to provide cash up to $100,000 for immediate relief of children in Poland. Must be definitely understood that this money for purchase of supplies, milk, medicines, etc., in Switzerland only. No purchases in Poland and money not to be sent to Poland. Also must be understood that agreements can be made for guaranteeing shipment and delivery to Polish committees as set out in Department’s telegram October 2 or guarantees in opinion of Legation equally effectual. If such agreements can be made, Red Cross will undertake further shipments from this country at once subject to the approval of the American Government. If this $100,000 is forwarded it will be forwarded to the Legation to be paid over to the Committee as needed for actual purchases. American Red Cross.