File No. 861.48/313

The Minister in Switzerland ( Stovall ) to the Secretary of State


1025. Department’s 610, May 26. Polish Relief Committee of Vevey highly commended by representative Poles of the three nationalities. Antoine Osuchowski, president of executive commission, informs me that the Committee will guarantee on its honor that American contributions will be employed exclusively for Poles in occupied territory who are Russian subjects. It thinks that supervision by neutral consul would be welcome and suggests Swiss Consul at Warsaw. No important Polish relief committee has been organized at Lausanne. Polish organization there has only political objects. Rockefeller Commission here is of the opinion that Vevey Committee is best qualified for distribution of American donations for Polish relief. Vevey Committee promises to inform me of average monthly sums transmitted on behalf of French and British and other contributors but has not as yet done so. Am forwarding by today’s pouch financial reports issued by the Vevey Committee since its organization.