File No. No. 763.72112/5397

The Swedish Minister ( Ekengren ) to the Secretary of State

Department of Austro-Hungarian Interests
No. 1989/14

Sir: Since this Royal Legation has taken charge of Austro-Hungarian interests in the United States various requests have been received from persons in this country to forward remittances to relatives in great need of assistance in Austria-Hungary.

Such petitioners are advised that the Royal Legation does not transmit any money to Austria-Hungary but will accept the money for deposit only, and endeavor to have the competent Austro-Hungarian authorities extend aid to such relatives in distress up to the amount of the deposit.

In this connection I have the honor to inform Your Excellency that the total sum of money received for assistance of persons in Austria-Hungary by this Legation from April to the end of October amounts to $16,165.95, which is on deposit at the Riggs National Bank in this city.

Inasmuch as this relief action might be considered under the “Trading with the Enemy Act” (sec. 5–b) as a form of transfer of credit to a foreign government and as this Legation is prompted to act only in cases of actual distress and for the cause of humanity, I beg to request Your Excellency to kindly intervene to the extent of having permission granted to this Legation to continue to accept money for the purpose above set forth.

Accept [etc.]

For the Minister:
Patrik Reuterswärd