File No. No. 763.72112Aml/75

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Honduras ( Curtis)


In view of statement in despatch No. 589, January 28,1 that the Government of Honduras intended to operate lighters as common carriers only until such time as Pacific Mail agency was adequately equipped to carry on this business itself, you may inform the Government of Honduras that as these conditions appear now to be fulfilled it would seem that the 30th of April were an appropriate date to discontinue its conduct of a lighterage business. Report by cable results of interview.

For your confidential information. Your despatches No. 624, March 9,2 and No. 646, March 31,2 show that Honduran Government must return seized lighters to the Germans at end of war.

The operation by the Honduran Government of the German lighters entailing their return after the war can not be regarded under the Trading with the Enemy Act as an elimination of German interest.

For this reason, on and after the 1st of May the National Agency will be placed upon the enemy trading list if considered necessary. Cable fully your views.

  1. Not printed; see telegram of Jan. 27, ante, p. 382.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Not printed.