File No. No. 815.156/7

Messrs. W. R. Grace & Co. to the Department of State

Gentlemen: Referring to previous correspondence with you regarding steamship terminal facilities at Amapala, Honduras, and particularly regarding the report of Mr. Boaz Long on that subject, beg to advise you that we are informed by the general manager of the Pacific Mail Steamship Co. at San Francisco, Mr. J. H. Rosseter, [Page 375] that he has received a letter from Mr. S. F. Casey, his representative at San Salvador, stating that Mr. Casey and Mr. Daulton Mann, assistant to the general manager, made a trip to Sacate Grande Island, where it had been proposed that a terminal should be established. Mr. Casey suggests that the matter be dropped, because “while it looks feasible on chart it is not so in reality, as at proposed site it is very shallow and pier would have to extend out quite a distance to reach deep water, which would mean a very large expenditure, and we doubt whether enough money could be earned to pay interest, not alone capital invested, as there is not enough traffic to warrant such an amount being expended.”

This is sent for your information. The Pacific Mail is working steadily on the question of getting terminal facilities at Amapala entirely free of German control and has been in communication with the Government of Honduras to this end.

Yours very truly,

W. R. Grace & Co.
Robert H. Patchin
Mgr., Foreign Trade Dept.