File No. 841.711/2468

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page ) to the Secretary of State


8730. Your 6330, January 23, and 6557, February 14.2 Foreign Office informs me that instructions will be issued to postal censors [Page 330] that communications of nature in question should be passed and forwarded in accordance with procedure suggested in my representations. Foreign Office adds that if the documents, when passing through this country, are found to contain information which is in possession of British censors but is evidently not available to licensing authority and which necessitates further references to that authority, or if the documents contain information likely to be of naval or military value to enemy, that is, specifications of inventions for use in war, it will be presumed they have been transmitted by means of some fraudulent device, and representative in London of United States board of censorship, appointed to advise on matters of purely military character, will be consulted.

British Government presume senders will have no further access to covers in question after their contents have been supervised by United States mail censor and his stamp has been affixed. Copy of note follows in next pouch.

  1. Latter not printed.