File No. 811.54262/155

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Spain ( Willard)


799. Fees being received from enemy subjects in Germany with request that they be accepted under provisions section 10, paragraph (a), Enemy Trading Act. Important therefore to have information requested Department’s 737, November 1. Request Foreign Office [Page 327] to renew inquiry as to whether and to what extent German Government accords American citizens and corporations: (1) privilege of filing and prosecuting applications and paying fees similar to provisions first sentence, paragraph (a), section 10; (2) extensions of time similar to those provided in second sentence, paragraph (a).

Endeavor also to obtain information as to any measures taken by Germany to protect patents, trade-mark, print, label, and copyright registrations already granted American citizens, and whether Germany is granting her subjects during the war licenses to make use of same similar to licenses authorized United States, by section 10, paragraph (c).