File No. 763.72114/3911

The Swiss Chargé ( Hübscher) to the Secretary of State

Department of German
Interests VIII–L–2

The Chargé d’Affaires a. i. of Switzerland, representing German interests in the United States, presents his compliments to the Secretary of State, and referring to his note of June 24, 1918,1 has the honor to enclose copy of a note verbale of the German Government, transmitted to this Legation by the Swiss Foreign Office, regarding the protest against the internment in Fort La Cabaña, Havana, of German subjects residing in Cuba.

The Chargé d’Affaires a. i. would esteem it a great courtesy if His Excellency would be kind enough to inform him of the decision taken in this matter.

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The German Foreign Office to the Swiss Legation at Berlin

No. III C. 20576/86439

Note Verbale

It appears from a communication of the Spanish Legation at Havana that the Cuban authorities for the time being are carrying out the internment at the prison camp of Fort La Cabaña of the German residents of Cuba.

The German Government entertains no doubt that the action of the Cuban authorities against the German subjects living in Cuba is to be traced back to a pressure exercised by the American Government and that nothing but a mere expression of a wish from Washington would be needed to bring to an end these forcible measures against the Germans which the climatic conditions of the island only make all the more trying.

The Foreign Office has the honor to apply to the Swiss Legation for its good offices in having the Swiss Legation at Washington instructed by cable to lodge with the American Government an emphatic protest, based on the foregoing, against the disgraceful treatment to which the Germans are subject in the island of Cuba and to lay stress on the point that the German Government will hold the Government of the United States of America responsible for all the damages to life, health and property that the German subjects in Cuba may suffer from the treatment they shall have to undergo.

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