File No. 763.72114/3522

The Minister in Panama ( Price) to the Secretary of State


Supplementing my cablegram of April 16, 4 p.m. After conference arranged by me between Panaman President and advisers, Commanding General, and myself, agreement was reached that the legal status of interns at Taboga with respect to our two Governments shall not be changed by their transfer to the United States and that the rights of our respective Governments with reference to said interns, whatever they may be, shall not be forfeited or altered and that the agreement authorized by Department’s instruction of June 21, 1917, No. 390, shall not be changed thereby. Formal note passed to said effect, and interns including Bartel and child will be sent by transport sailing this afternoon. [Omission] accord but the Panaman Government obtained point by virtue of above agreement. Commanding General also agreed informally at the request of Panaman authorities to receive and keep remainder of Germans in Panama if Panaman authorities later should arrest and intern them as reprisals on account of the interns [internment?] by Germany of their three Panaman students and of two other Panamans just heard of.