File No. 763.72114/3033

The Chargé in Spain ( Wilson) to the Secretary of State


877. Department’s instructions 613, August 22.1 Following note verbale from the Foreign Office:

Referring to the telegraphic consultation between the Spanish Ambassador, Berlin, and the Ministry of State, concerning the memorandum of the American Embassy, proposing the designation of three or more Spaniards (one of them at least a food expert) to act as special attachés of Spanish Embassy and to have charge of distribution, and to inspect prison camps where there might be Americans (a plan originating with the American Red Cross, which desired also that other trustworthy persons be sent to the Central Powers as its agents in an inspection of prison camps as advisers and food experts under the direction of the above-mentioned attaches), the Spanish Ambassador states that believing it opportune to discover confidentially the attitude of the German Government, the Under Secretary of State with whom he spoke concerning the [Page 14] matter stated that agents of the American Red Cross would not be accepted for inspection of prison camps.

Have communicated the above to Howland through Embassy. Paris.

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