File No. 600.119/236

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page) to the Secretary of State


6716. For Exports Council from commercial attaché:

8. First proclamation regarding control of exports has been noted in conference with Ministry of Blockade. It is remarked that [Page 906] prohibition does not include such vitally important articles as rubber, oleaginous seeds, animals, vegetables, waxes, chemicals, non-ferrous metals, ores and alloys. The continued receipt of these articles enables Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Holland to continue exporting native produce to the enemy. From private information placed at our disposal by Foreign Office I am satisfied that only a complete prohibition of all exports to these countries and Spain will cover the situation. Are other prohibitions, having in view complete stoppage of exports of war materials, from Sweden, expected shortly? Am I correct in understanding that Exports Council will refuse license to export any articles to Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Holland where navicert is refused here because of character of consignee or because article is embargoed or rationed by Great Britain notwithstanding article is not on American prohibited list of exports?