File No. 763.72112/3937

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page) to the Secretary of State


6643. Your telegram headed circular June 23.2 Am in receipt of a note from Foreign Office giving text of a telegram which was sent to British missions in neutral countries on June 13 as follows:

The United States Government have instructed their diplomatic and consular officers to co-operate fully with their colleagues of the Allied Governments and to [Page 892] exchange information and furnish copies of reports relating to war matters and restriction of enemy trade.

You should work in closest co-operation with your United States colleague on the lines of instructions and request all consular officers under your authority to do the same.

With regard to last sentence your telegram I am informed as follows:

With regard to your inquiry as to co-operation in blockade measures here in London Mr. Williams has already been in communication with this Department on the subject and I can assure Your Excellency that every possible facility will be extended to any officials whom the United States Government may wish to appoint for the purpose of co-ordinating and harmonizing the blockade policy of the two countries.

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