File No. 841.711/2238

Memorandum of the Counselor for the Department of State ( Polk)

The Swedish Minister called and told me that he had received the bags that had been held at the British Embassy, and he wished to thank me for the assistance that we had rendered. He said that the British Ambassador had told him that the bags had been delivered in view of the fact that the Swedish Government had changed and a more friendly government was in control. The Ambassador apparently made no mention of the fact that the British Government was not satisfied as to its contents. The Minister said he had opened the bags and had not bothered me to have anyone represent the Department. He also wished to assure us there was nothing in the bags of an improper nature. He asked whether I thought that his course had been wise, and I told him that personally I thought that he had made a mistake in not having some one present so the papers could be assured as to their contents; as far as we were concerned, we did not wish to be present, but it would have been a great protection to him, and I thought personally he had made a great mistake. He told me of one letter in the pouch which he said would not be delivered.

F[rank] L. P[olk]