File No. 841.711/2178

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page)


5533. British Chargé states in connection with Swedish mail bags now held in Halifax that they will be sent to British Embassy here and opened in presence of representative of Swedish Legation and State Department. Department probably will not be represented as we feel that the Swedish Government is being pressed a little too hard. Mr. Barclay also informed us that the British Government had no objections to Swedish Minister communicating with his Government through State Department if the State Department wished to forward messages. Department will probably forward message from Minister on subject of bags mentioned above and giving his views as to the necessity of Swedish Government making a more adequate explanation on the whole subject. He was advised informally that the latter will be helpful to their case. Swedish Secretary is leaving this week with pouches for Swedish Foreign Office. Department feels that nothing could be gained particularly by holding these pouches up if properly sealed. Department realizes that treatment of these pouches is solely within the jurisdiction of the British Government and expresses its views for your guidance in the event of a possible discussion of the question.