File No. 841.731/1796

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page) to the Secretary of State


6407. Your 4856, May 21, 12 noon. Foreign Office states that the control of telegraphic communications between North and South [Page 1235]America has now been restored in respect of such messages as pass over British-controlled cables.

In regard further particulars Lord Robert Cecil understands that certain questions which have been raised in the United States have been submitted by Lieutenant Colonel Dansey to the chief cable censor at the War Office and adds that while Colonel Dansey is in possession of a memorandum on cable censorship his knowledge of its principles and practice is not complete and indeed it is doubtful whether the conference suggested could be undertaken satisfactorily by any other officer than the chief cable censor himself accompanied by his technical adviser. Lord Robert requests me to realize that the prolonged absence from their posts of officers who control such a world-wide organization as the British cable censorship would cause considerable inconvenience, but should further experience emphasize the urgent necessity of the suggested conference the British Government will be happy to make every endeavor to fall in with your wishes.

In the meantime, however, it is understood that the inauguration of a commission in this country is under consideration with a view to studying the operation of various British intelligence and counterespionage organizations and it is thought that by this means it may be possible more effectively to secure unanimity of aim and uniformity of practice than by sending British officials to the United States on a visit which would necessarily be limited to a few weeks’ duration.