File No. 652.119/306

The Ambassador in Spain ( Willard) to the Secretary of State


923. Paris Embassy’s 2740, November 14, 11 a.m.1 Department is doubtless informed that Anglo-Spanish agreement to exchange iron ore, coal, and other commodities was signed 6th instant.2 Therefore, and in response to request of King and Foreign Office, Embassy earnestly recommends that the following pending permits be granted to export: 8,000 tons petroleum to Society of Compras and Fletamentos, Madrid, which petroleum is now on board Spanish boats Aragon and Andalusia and Dutch tank boat Barendrecht; 1,200 tons paraffin to municipality of Barcelona; 1,000 stacks boiler tubes, 44,000 tons steel boiler tubes, 800 tons material for other tubes, and 4,852 steel wheel tires to Northern Railway Co., provided however that consignment to Northern Railway can be spared; and that Embassy be instructed to inform Foreign Office that these permits have been granted. Embassy after investigation is satisfied that consignees do not come within prohibition of Trading with Enemy Act, approved October 6, 1917. British and French Ambassadors approve.

Prompt granting of these permits will contradict German propaganda that Allies and United States are endeavoring to starve out Spain, will make good impression generally, and will strengthen Embassy’s influence with King and Foreign Office.

  1. Not printed.
  2. A modification, eliminating the clauses regarding shipping, of the “Cortina agreement” summarized in Mr. Balfour’s letter of May 5, ante, p. 1199. It was effected by an exchange of notes between the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and the Spanish Ambassador at London. (File No. 641.5231/6.)