File No. 652.119/590

The Spanish Ambassador ( Riaño) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: With further reference to the subject of exportation of crude petroleum to Spain per steamers Cataluña, Aragon, Barendrecht and Tambre, in again calling your attention to the great need of this product in Spain, and to the assurances regarding its destination which I gave you in my note of October 17.1 I am instructed by my Government to point out to you that, as I had the honor to inform Mr. Auchincloss in the conversation I had with him on October 12 ultimo, the Spanish Government had accepted the condition proposed to me by Mr. Auchincloss on October 1, that a tonnage of pyrites, equivalent to the tonnage of crude petroleum on board the four ships in New York, should be released from Spain.

His Majesty’s Government having accepted this condition, and being prepared to execute it, hopes that the Cataluña, Aragon, Barendrecht [Page 1212] and Tambre may be permitted to leave New York as soon as possible, thus completing the arrangement tentatively proposed by Mr. Auchincloss.

Believe me [etc.]

Juan Riaño
  1. Not printed.