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The Secretary of State to the Nash Motors Co.

Gentlemen: The Department has received your letter of June 13, 1917,1 relative to your desire to be informed as to the present attitude of this Government regarding the shipment of automobiles and motor trucks to foreign countries.

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The espionage bill recently passed by Congress and signed by the President authorizes him to issue by proclamation an embargo on the exportation of certain merchandise to certain countries. The Department has not been informed of any measures having as yet been adopted and proclaimed by the President under this authority.

With reference to shipments of this nature to Norway, Sweden and Denmark the procedure heretofore recognized of applying to the Trade Department of the British Embassy at this Capital for navicerts will continue in effect until such time as some measure of export control is issued by the President.

Referring to your inquiry regarding railway privileges and facilities for the shipment of boxed motor vehicles to the Atlantic coast, it is suggested, as a practical matter, that you inquire of the proper officials of the railroads over which you desire to make such shipments for this information.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Alvey A. Adee
Second Assistant Secretary
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