File No. 659.119/151

The Danish Minister ( Brun ) to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary of State: I beg to enclose copies of a letter to me from the War Trade Board, dated December 14, and of my reply, dated December 22,1 regarding the intention to permit two [Page 1101] cargoes of kerosene and coffee to go to Denmark from the United States at this Christmas time.

The Danish Government has instructed me to express to the Government of the United States their warm thanks for the generous Christmas gift to Denmark and for the good will and friendship of which the offer of two cargoes at this time is such a handsome and genuine testimony.

It is with a very deep feeling of the meaning and importance of this good will that I attempt to interpret to you the thanks of my Government and that I beg your leave to add the assurance that no less friendship and good will is felt in Denmark towards the United States, their Government and people.

Believe me [etc.]

C. Brun

The Acting Chairman of the War Trade Board ( Munson ) to the Danish Minister ( Brun )

Dear Sir: Supplementary to our talk of to-day, this is to propose to you that the War Trade Board desires, as an evidence of the good will of the American people towards the Danish people, that we shall allow certain shipments, which shall be of benefit to the Danish people as a whole, to go forward promptly. This is done at this particular season of the year as an expression of Christmas good wishes.

We are prepared to license some thousands of tons of kerosene and of coffee on such ships as you may designate, say two cargoes, and only ask in return that you charter to us, at the present current market prices, an equivalent amount of tonnage for either two West Indian round or one South American round trip, which is estimated to occupy about the same time as the Danish vessels going to Denmark would take for the round trip.

We realize in selecting the above commodities that the nights are long in Denmark at this period of the year, and that kerosene may, therefore, be more broadly appreciated by and useful to your people than some other commodity which might be selected. We also know your national characteristic of coffee drinking.

We shall be glad to have you express this proposal to your Government by cable, and to have you indicate, if you are in accord with the proposal, as we understand you to be, which vessels would be more suitable for the purposes outlined.

With highest assurances of my regard [etc.]

Frank C. Munson
  1. Reply not printed.