File No. 658.119/142

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page ) to the Secretary of State


8057. My telegram No. 8043, December 22, 9 a.m. [p.m.] Subcommittee on tonnage has proposed to Swedish delegates that in addition to war risk at values already cabled your charterers will be prepared to insure for further amount at rate of 4 per cent per month provided amount so insured shall in no case exceed 75 per cent of the value of the ship. Swedish delegates agreed to recommend this basis to their Government and to endeavor at once to secure list of vessels whose owners are ready to sign charters for period of three months subject to consent of Swedish Government before charters take effect. Committee further agreed that Inter-Allied Chartering Executive at London should sign these charters as soon Swedish owners agreed and that allocation of vessels so chartered should be the basis of a special agreement between Associated Governments based on principles decided upon. At recent [Page 1096] Paris conference American representatives made reservation on points agreed upon but stated they would cable you as above.

Swedish delegates expect receive list of ships above referred to by latter part next week and I should like if possible to know the views of our Government by that time.