File No. 659.119/64

The Danish Minister ( Brun ) to the Secretary of State

J. No. 40.A.XXIX

Sir: I have the honor to advise you that Capt. (R.D.N., retired) C. M. T. Cold, Director General of the United Steamship Co. of Copenhagen, and Mr. H. P. Prior, Director General of the Northern Cableand Wire-Factories, Ltd., of Copenhagen, have arrived here from Denmark in order to promote the interests of their companies, and also in order to cooperate with this Legation in our efforts to reach an agreement with the Government of the United States regarding export licenses for the articles of American origin which are needed in Denmark.

In introducing these two gentlemen to you and in adding that both occupy prominent and highly considered positions in Denmark, and are willing and able to furnish authentic and valuable information on many of the subjects under discussion, I beg to request that you will be good enough to invite the authorities, with which they will have to deal, particularly the Exports Council, the Exports Administrative Board and the U. S. Shipping Board, to receive them favorably and to give earnest consideration to any matter which they may submit to the said authorities with a view to reaching the understanding which is highly needed and, I venture to think, equally desired from both sides.

Messrs. Cold and Prior are already in this city, and I would be much obliged to you for informing the said authorities as soon as may be convenient.

I have [etc.]

C. Brun