File No. 658.119/49

The Minister in Sweden ( Morris) to the Secretary of State


834. British Minister informs me he has received telegram from his Government stating that the American Exports Council has made proposition to Swedish delegates to purchase from Sweden all surplus iron ore1 but that Swedish delegates have replied categorically stating that rather than discontinue all exports of ore to Germany Sweden would forego imports from America. British Minister has telegraphed his Government that he believes that Sweden can never be compelled entirely to discontinue ore exports to Germany; that he believes, however, that an arrangement might be made whereby Sweden would greatly curtail her exports to Germany and increase those to the Allies. British Minister has also informed his Government that in his opinion the Allies can make an agreement by which Sweden will be of more benefit to us than to our enemies. I concur with the views of the British Minister.

  1. Note attached, dated Oct. 2, 1917, as the result of an inquiry addressed by the assistant to the Counselor for the Department of State (Auchincloss) to the Exports Administrative Board: “No such proposition as that outlined in the telegram was ever made by the Exports Administrative Board. The only proposition ever made was a tentative one to take over the entire ore output.”