File No. 658.119/30

The Minister in Sweden ( Morris) to the Secretary of State


743. Dr. Hjalmar Lundbohm is being sent as special commissioner by the Swedish Government to continue in Washington the negotiations [Page 1042] undertaken by Lagercrantz to try to make some arrangements regarding supplies for Sweden. Lundbohm sails on Bergensfjord for Christiania 7th instant. He is one of the most representative business men in Sweden, being the head of large steel and iron industries of which the Swedish Government is part owner. He enjoys the fullest confidence of his Government and is a personal friend of the King.

In recent conversations with Lundbohm I drew out from him that because of his intimate knowledge of steel and iron and American conditions he would probably discuss this phase with our Government. The principal Swedish exports to Germany are now iron and steel. For your information I am quoting below statistics which have been obtained by French secret service in Sweden after much labor and expenditure. French Minister states that these figures are absolutely authentic and correct.

[Here follow the statistics.]