File No. 658.619/2a

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Russia ( Francis)


1650. Department is informed that the Russian Government is negotiating to ship oil cake to Sweden upon condition that Sweden does not export dairy products to Germany for a period of six weeks. The Department is now carrying on negotiations with Sweden with regard to the whole question of food and feed supplies to that country which includes also the right of transit and the guarantee of tonnage across Sweden of goods to Russia, and it is of the most vital importance that the success of these negotiations should not be endangered at the present moment by any separate arrangement which Russia may undertake, and also that the supply of oil cake to Sweden should not be sufficiently in excess of the actual needs of Sweden to permit of the production of dairy or meat products for export to Germany.

Please make clear to the Russian Government that this Government does not seek to interfere in any way with Russian trade with Sweden, but rather to facilitate it on account of Russia’s proximity to Sweden. Moreover, this Government would be glad to cooperate with the Russian Government on the subject of rationing Sweden, and merely takes this opportunity to urge Russia now not to commit herself to the approval of the future export of dairy or meat products from Sweden into Germany. In view of the importance of exercising control over the imports of food supplies or other materials that would benefit our common enemy, it would seem that a satisfactory arrangement for rationing Sweden might be complicated if an undertaking was made now by Russia to permit food exports to Germany after a period of six weeks.

Please take this matter up orally and immediately with the Foreign Office and cable the views of the Russian Government.