File No. 658.119/8

The Swedish Minister ( Ekengren ) to the Secretary of State

Your Excellency: As is known to Your Excellency my country is quite largely dependent upon foreign markets for foodstuffs, fodder and many raw materials, absolutely necessary to its industrial life. Ever since the war began we have more and more, because of exhausted supplies or embargoes in the European states, had to look to America for these essentials, and we still must.

In view of this, America’s entry into the war and the consequent restrictions on the export, my Government has empowered Mr. Axel Robert Nordvall, who has for some time been here as a Royal delegate, to, along with me, negotiate with Your Excellency’s Government for the purpose of reaching an agreement through which it may be possible to obtain from America foodstuffs and other articles, necessary for the maintenance of our people and industries. The power in question is contained in a cable from Stockholm dated the 9th instant.

I beg to add that Mr. Nordvall and I are ready to begin negotiations when, where and with whom Your Excellency pleases to designate.

With renewed assurances [etc.]

W. A. F. Ekengren