File No. 855.48/449

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page) to the Secretary of State


5662. Following for Hoover from relief commission:

British Government has agreed that commission ships, in or out bound, need not touch at United Kingdom ports but, for your confidential information, must touch at British ports elsewhere, as Halifax, or Bermuda, or West African Coast. Merry del Val, through Spanish Ambassador, Berlin, and our Rotterdam office through German Legation, The Hague, and Brussels office, and British Foreign Office through King of Spain, are asking German Government, on basis concession British Government, that boats not required touch United Kingdom, to modify German regulations as follows:

All relief vessels from overseas or Rotterdam subsequent to February 1 which do not touch at United Kingdom ports shall be furnished safe-conduct passes by German authorities and when protected with commission signs and marks shall be allowed to approach or leave Rotterdam by either north or south routes through German danger zones and overseas without molestation by German authorities.
Relief steamers now in United Kingdom and steamers which cleared overseas ports before February 2 which may arrive later furnished safe-conduct passes and unmolested to Rotterdam or overseas.
All vessels No. 2 allowed touch United Kingdom ports unmolested.
All relief ships carrying United Kingdom purchases protected between Rotterdam and United Kingdom, both directions.
German Government to arrange for coal for relief ships, Rotterdam.