File No. 855.48/447

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page ) to the Secretary of State


5652. Your 4386, February 3, 4 p.m. Instruction in first paragraph promptly followed. The future of the commission is under constant discussion between commissioners here, Spanish Ambassador, myself, and British Government and German Government through Spanish Ambassador and his Government. There is hope that working arrangement may be restored if we keep out of war. In case Americans are forced to leave Belgium the most probable course of events will be as follows: the Hoover Commission will be liquidated, the British, French, and Belgian Governments will provide for future work. We shall advise with them as far as they desire and permit. The Spanish Ambassador will expect, under direction of his Government, to remain on the reorganized commission and to help [Page 635] constitute it. He has so informed the British Government and me. His view is that if Americans are forced off the commission, the commission will still exist in spite of liquidation and consist of him and his Spanish associates together with other diplomatic patrons and members except me. The real reconstruction of the commission it seems to me must rest upon the three governments most directly concerned, namely British, French, and Belgian who will then take up question of reorganization with the Spanish Ambassador and other diplomatic members.